Saturday, August 09, 2008

M2 - Week 1

I thought it was going to start off better than this. I seem to have my hands full and have over committed myself, but I can handle it for the most part. Got the note service up and running for the M2s. Going to start the note service for the M1s on Monday. We have a help website for medical students that I am in the process of updating for the M1 year. I am also updating the ASB website (this is the only website not password protected that I am working on -- so here is the link: The page was nearly two years out of date, but it is coming around. I hope to have it fully updated by the end of August. You tend to judge a place by the quality of its website. It says something about us that we are so far behind. Hopefully, that all changes now. I also have to make trips to Natchez & Greenville, MS, and Monroe, LA, next week for business.

As for classes, compared to last year, there are a lot more "butt lectures." Where you actually have to sit on your butt and listen. Anyone that knows me knows that I can't do that. I can talk to someone one-on-one (usually), but I can't sit still and listen to someone ramble who doesn't care if I am daydreaming or playing on the internet. I usually take the audio recording from the note service and play it at double speed. Stopping when I need to take breaks. More butt lectures means more studying for me. Especially since the information this year happens to contain brand new material. Thankfully, the material is more relevant to medicine than the material that I learned last year. The first year information is repeated in some lectures, so it all helps to bring stuff back for the board (USMLE) that I have to take by the end of June.

I have ventured out and found someone special. He gives me something to day dream about between all the work that I have to accomplish.


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