Wednesday, January 11, 2006

An interesting idea

While I was filling out my AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service), I realized that I was repeating myself. I also had to write one of my letters of recommendation. I knew I needed to look at myself from another point of view, so I emailed my friends and family and asked them these questions:

1. Why do you believe that I will be good doctor?
2. What qualities do you think I have that will make me a good doctor?
3. Can you give me an example of a time when you have seen me use the qualities, or a conversation or anything that you recall that would lead you to believe that I will make a good physician?

I received answers that made me cry. Read on....

Denise Dollar, cousin. Austin, TX. 27 Oct 2005.

I think you will be a good doctor, most importantly you are very smart and very quick in coming to conclusions/resolutions. I have asked you numerous times to help me on those silly IQ tests and you are quick on your feet to find the solution. That quick thinking, paired with knowledge, will help you to succeed in emergency situations.

Good qualities. Like I said, quick thinking, vast knowledge, terrific social skills. Have an ability to make people laugh and feel as ease when its most important. I think this is important when people are dealing with their health, in nervous/anxious situations.

You have always been one to set your goals and to achieve those goals. You are very responsible with everything you put your hands on. I have heard the grapevine that you were a real trooper during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. My dad said that you were everywhere, getting the word out of what people needed, what was going on, news, relief that people needed. I think you showed your true colors during that time. Everyone in your family is extremely proud of you!

Rob Simpson, brother. Milton, FL. 27 Oct 2005.

You will be a good doctor because people will need you to be. They will count on you to heal them, and make them whole. But before surgery orany practice, they'll want you to make them whole and a different level. A comfort and trust level. Your general love and want to help people will reach out to others, and give them all the assurance they will need.>What qualities do you think I have that will make me a good doctor?

The good quality of a doctor is not measured by IQ points, or any schoolthey attended. It is their continued desire to learn and become better,all in the effort of saving lives and healing others. You are too much of a perfectionist to let yourself slide in the education department. You'll never stop achieving. And that can mean saving a life some day.

You're my sister. No specific time is needed. My entire life I've always counted on you to give me advice, even when I didn't like the advice. I trust you. I'd trust you as my doctor, too. Faith and healing; trust and hope all go hand in hand. When all four march together, a glorious result is the fruit of their labor... Life. Never forget this.

Chris Fondren, cousin. Fort Worth, TX. 27 Oct 05

I think you would make a terrific Doctor for a lot of different reasons. You are a loving, caring, giving person with a wonderful attitude. Every time I have been around you I have always noticed that you are in a great mood and you don't let things get to you like a lot of people do. Look how strong you were through Katrina! Most people would have totally fell apart but you stayed strong and cared for those around you that could not care for themselves. You enjoy doing things with friends and family and you really enjoy doing things with younger children. I don't know what field of medicine you are going to choose, but I think you would make a great Pediatrician (hope I spelled that right). You are dependable and get the job done that you are given in a timely manner.

Mark Bell, pop. Long Beach, MS. 27 Oct 2005.

1. I believe you will be a good doctor because you are caring and understanding and have a strong compassion for the human life .

2. You are hard working and are able to make spilt decision while at the same time you are able to stop and prioritize the situation and react accordingly.

3. You use these qualities at your job at the hospital. The first one to work over the first one to work for others. When ever one of our friends have been in the hospital such as mel you've always went and checked on them if nothing else just to say hi and give them the comfort of knowing that someone they know is there working in the hospital.
Which from experience I know means a lot because when your somewhere strange and you feel alone and you see a smiling face that you know can make you feel comfort.

Maura Roby, friend. N. Richland Hills, TX. 27 Oct 2005.

Why do you believe that I will be good doctor? Because you are kind and caring and concerned with others needs and helping others. You are an intelligent woman with limitless possibilities.

What qualities do you think I have that will make me a good doctor? Same as above. Also, you have a manner/disposition that puts others at ease / makes them feel comfortable with you and talking to you.

Can you give me an example of a time when you have seen me use the qualities, or a conversation or anything that you recall that would lead you to believe that I will make a good physician? Honestly, your care for animals expresses the depth of your character and the extent of your willingness to care for all creatures, large and small, human or animal. Anyone who cares for animals like you do can definitely be my doctor any day.

Erik Quiroz, friend. Bay St. Louis, MS. 27 Oct 2005.

I belive that you will make a good doctor because you have strong qualities thatare needed for that position. For example, you are well organized, highly trusted, and seem to have a born, "bed-side" manner that puts you well above other physicians. You are blessed with a personality that caters to all ande seem to have a keen knowledge to maintain a strong perserverance when the"negatives" over ride the "positives". Besides receiving high scores on the MCAT, I think that your previous experience in the medical field has benefited you in more ways than you can imagine.

Greg Mac, friend. Woolmarket, MS. 28 Oct 2005.

You are dedicated to what you do. You are very smart and not easily overwhelmed at all. You apply yourself totally and don't give up on things. These are all admirable qualities. Just the reality of the course load you took on a semester after semester basis shows how far you are willing to go to succeed. A lack of devotion would indicate to me a lack of desire to be the best possible. You obviously are not lacking!!!

Jenny Kuykendall, friend. Bay St. Louis, MS. 28 Oct 2005.

why you would make a good doctor -- you truly care about people and the people you work for. When talking about people at the hospital and such you always see sympathetic, which to me is a great thing for a doctor to be. Who wants as doctor who doesn't care (or seam to) and who cant be understanding. I think you would be one of the few doctors who would have wonderful bedside manners, and to have a doctor that is nice and caring, I think would make the entire situation more comfortable for the patient. Plus you are definitely smart engough to be a good doctor, and would do well with the academic side of it and as for examples as to why you would be a good doctor... Just listening to you talk about the different people you would meet at the hospital is a great example, you just sound as if you truly cared about them and about what was going on with them... Also staying at the hospital during katrina is another great example. . . You were willing to work through a major hurricane (I don't know what all you were doing there) but I am sure you helped out and worked and what not. . . That is a true sign that you love that sort of stuff and would be dedicated to it...

Shanna Wood, young cousin. Fort Worth, TX. 28 Oct 2005.

Sunny u will make a good Dr. cuz I have watched movies of when u were little and even if u hated the person cough cough jeremy jk u would help them up if someone is hurting u try to help them u have always been a nurse. you would also cuz I think that u probably haven't wanted this more than anything in your life even threw katrina u staid at the hospital and u wrapped dead bodies and u never gave up. Plus to keep me and u awake on the way to Disney world u would tell me a lot about science like why we breath oxygen and stuff. Plus u said when u died u wanted to dedicate your body to science. So u seem like a good Dr. In life ....And death

Quinton Scott, friend. Syracuse, NY. 28 Oct 2005.

Why do you believe that I will be good doctor?
I believe you will not be a good doctor. You will be a GREAT doctor! Your drive to better yourself is apparent in everything you do. Couple that drive with your intelligence and compassionate nature, and you've got someone that I'd entrust my life with.

What qualities do you think I have that will make me a good doctor?
Compassion. Cool, calm and collected, under pressure. Whilst I think that you have a great analytical mind, your compassion is your greatest asset.

Can you give me an example of a time when you have seen me use the qualities, or a conversation or anything that you recall that would lead you to believe that I will make a good physician?

My recent trip back to Mississippi is the prime example. I was so worried and nervous about meeting up with you, but...Five minutes into talking with you...And I was completely at ease. You have this nature that makes me feel right at home. It wasn't just nostalgia. It wasn't just being back in the South. Even during our time at the Grand Casino, I was able to talk to you about anything...Go get 'em, sweetness! YOU CAN DO IT! :-)


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