Sunday, December 16, 2007

I made it out alive.

The final week of tests was rough. I walked out with an "A" in developmental anatomy, "B" in gross anatomy, an unknown gross board score, and a really rough cumulative biochem test.

I loathe biochemistry. I started loathing chemistry in the 10th grade. The chemistry teacher at my school was a bitch. I ended up dropping her class because I got confused, & she wouldn't stop to help me. She also kept the classroom incredibly cold and told me that I needed to bring a jacket or just suffer (in the middle of the August). She told me that she wasn't interested in my comfort. Looking back on it, I understand why the room was set to her comfort. She was the one who had to be in the room all day. But…she shouldn't have gone off on me when I asked to walk outside so I could warm myself up. This incident started my long held hatred for chemistry.

The NMBE subject exam score for gross and developmental anatomy should be ready for me to pick up not long after I return to school in January. I just needed to pass the exam in order to never have to smell like the gross anatomy lab again in my life. I am fairly confident that I made it.

The subject exam for biochemistry is in the middle of January. After this, I only have two classes (histology & physiology) until March when neurobiology begins. It actually feels like I am getting a little vacation. (Unfortunately, I will be studying for the biochem board over the holiday!)

I am taking care of things around my house so I can return to the coast with the peace of mind in knowing that nothing is out of place when I return. I haven't had a really clean house in a long time. It is clean, but I never have time to clean out the fridge, clean under the furniture, etc. I wanted to do it all before I left town. It makes me feel very satisfied to have accomplished something that involves no brain work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that you truly are an inspiration. I have been reading your blog for several years and really enjoy your writing. You give hope to those of us with MCAT scores at the national average. I scored a 24 on the MCAT as well. I interviewed this past Tuesday and am crossing my fingers. You are going to make a great doctor.

Friday, February 29, 2008 at 8:17:00 PM CST  

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