Thursday, February 16, 2006

Interview at UMC

My interview at UMC was very relaxed. I was so at ease and couldn't believe how little stress I felt.

* Interview with Dr. Case
*Two more interviews as well as an on campus lunch and a tour with a M4
* Q & A wrap up time with Dr. Case
* Finger prints taken on campus

My day went like this...

Interview with Dr. Case.
He explained how the day would proceed.
Dr. Case had already read my AMCAS (open file interview)
Questions I remember (in no order):
1. How big was your graduating high school class?
2. What was your ACT score?
3. If you and a fellow student were going to clinicals, and the other student was "high," what would you do?
4. You are a doctor and have explained an important procedure to your patient. You notice that the patient has a completely dazed look on his face, and you know that he did not comprehend what you have told him. How would you make sure that your patient understood you?
5. Which extra curricular was most meaningful to me? What did I learn from my EC?
6. Are you considering geriatrics? (This is specific to my application)
7. Which people did I find the most difficult to work with?
8. From my secondary application (which asked about where I had lived my whole life) - I was asked about the two times that I had moved to Texas from Mississippi.

Interview #2
Had not read my AMCAS (closed file interview). I found this form to be difficult. I felt like I was repeating the things that I had already said in my application. I wasn't prepared for this.
1. What do I do for fun? What types of books do you like reading?
2. What was my ACT score?
3. What are your weaknesses. How do you overcome them?
4. I was asked about my life during my pre-high school years. He asked what I did after school, and I told him that me and my little brother liked to be adventurers and played in the woods all afternoon. So, he asked "what did you learn from the woods?" WTF? I didn't know how to respond. (This is honestly, the hardest question for me to answer. When I told my mom about it, she said that I should have responded, "Poison ivy itches.")
5. This interviewer is the one that remarked on my low MCAT score. Read what was said here.
6. Do I plan on retaking the MCAT. We talked at length about why it may be beneficial to retake for residency reasons.
7. What would you like for me to tell the admissions committee about you?

Lunch with the 2 other applicants and an M4.
The tour was not planned out. We were shown a little bit of everything. The student answered a lot of questions. I was able to get to know the other applicants. It was enjoyable and relaxed.

Interview #3.
Open File.
The interview was amazing. I felt like I was talking to an old friend that was really interested in every word I had to say.
1. Act score?
2. I was asked about my high school graduating class size and which quarter did I graduate in, and how I moved from the bottom of the class in high school to summa cum laude for my BS.
3. I was asked to explain how I progressed and what I had learned from high school through college, but not to explain it in terms of grades.
4. I was asked a lot about hurricane Katrina and the hospital I worked in.
5. We talked about how hard I have worked in my life, the interviewer told me some things I didn't want to hear. Such as I worked too hard.
6. Who has been most influential in your life.
7. Besides your family, who has been most influential in your life?
8. We talked a lot about my family, and the respect I have for them.
9. What do I do for fun?

Q & A with Dr. Case.
1. He explained how the admission committee meets and gave a little insight as to what actually happens during the meetings. I found this fascinating, and it seemed like a lot of fun. The people on the committee are incredibly dedicated.
2. He gave me a chance to explain things about my grades that I had not otherwise mentioned. I also explained why I had dropped some courses (I never mentioned my course work in my AMCAS personal statement. Mostly because I felt like my academics spoke for themselves, and if anyone wanted an explanation about my shortcoming, I could explain in the interview. I wanted my app to shine out all my good qualities, not explain away the bad ones).

Took place in a small office not far from Dr. Case. You had to have show your ID and sign a few things.


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