Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Communication with the school since acceptance email.

I just wanted to let you know what has happened from the time that I got the acceptance email until now.

Within a week of the email, I received a packet that included an official letter of acceptance. I also had to sign and return a paper with a $50 fidelity fee to hold my space in the class (the fee is applied towards your tuition). I had to indicate my white coat size for the ceremony during orientation week. I had to sign a page about technical standards. I received a confirmation email to tell me that they got my money and forms.

In April, I attended a luncheon at USM with the other accepted students and Dr. Case. We were able to ask questions. It was nice. They also have a luncheon in Jackson for all students who don't have a lunch on their campus.

In May, I received a financial aid award letter and was asked to pick a lender. (TIP: After you pick your lender, call and ask them to sign their master promissary note.)

I also received an email about health forms which required a physical and tb test and immunization history (which had to be done after May 1). The forms were due back by July 1.

In June, I got info about the new laptop policy. I was also asked to mail in my financial info to qualify for loans/scholarships for disadvantaged students (SDS).

In early July, I got a package detailing the student health care plan. I had to mail in the first months premium (~$150). I also signed more financial aid papers dealing with SDS. I also got an email detailing the Jackson Free Clinic's orientation. (Unfortunately, I couldn't go.)

In late July, I have been invited to several get togethers held by current students in the class.

Class starts on August 8, and I haven't gotten any information about where to go or what happens next....


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