Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One more week

Orientation starts one week from today. There are so many things that I need to do. I am currently packing all of my things to move into the house that I bought in Jackson. I can't wait to be settled. Learning from my mistakes last year, I am going to set up a home office this year. I spent most of my time last year at school studying. I would find myself distracted by my classmates, having to leave to get food, leaving to go home and let my dog outside, and other random stuff. Since I was afraid that I would play on the internet all day, I didn't have internet hooked up at my house. This was a mistake because so much of my work was online with UMC e-learning. I was also too cheap to splurge on a printer, but I found I was much more successful at studying if I followed my undergrad method of taking hand written notes on pre-printed powerpoints. So this year, I am getting the printer, printing out the power points, and taking my own notes. Which means that I will attend class more often, and I plan on being better prepared for class too. I am transforming the closet in my spare bedroom into an office. I hope to take some before and after pictures and put them here when I finish. I also want to buy a comfy study chair and ottoman to be able to kick my feet up and read.

As for friends, I will take what comes to me. I am still facing drama from my previous school year. Since I am not around, some of my old friends have stopped talking to me. Some of them I had problems with, some I thought it was because they were just busy. Now, I realize that they are purposely avoiding talking with me. While I would like to know what the problem is so that we can resolve it, I have realized that it is their loss. I don't need the drama of a confrontation. I will make new friends this year. The two (yes, I have gained one more) friends I have from the last school year will be there for me, and if I don't make any more friends, so be it.

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