Thursday, August 23, 2007

The first tests has come & gone...

I survived the first test. It was like every other test where I am up all night trying to crame in the last minute upon which I failed. I never get enough done. Today we had lectures about how to study. They timed it right after a lot of people had failed the tests, so they had the attention of most of the class. Nice. I have a good handle on what I should be doing.

I know I need to learn how to organize my time better. I think I will be working on time management for my entire life. Might as well start now. The reviewer pointed out that later in life time = money, and most doctors have a time management plan.

We had gross anatomy right after the first test. Some guy passed out. Someone told me that it wasn't actually gross that did it to him, but rather the fact that he hadn't slept or eaten & was so stressed about the test. I would hate for that to be me.

I have an awesome gross group. We seem to work together well. They have a great sense of humor & no one seemed to have any issues! WooHoo.

I am missing my first day of class tomorrow to fly to NYC.


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