Wednesday, March 19, 2008

To Be Successful - You have to show up

To Be Successful, You Have to Show Up
One of the biggest reasons people have problems succeeding in life is they don’t show up. You can’t complain about a party, if you didn’t even go. They get an invitation every day to this party, but instead of showing up, they complain from afar on how they’ll never be able to go.
Success is what happens when you stumble on an opportunity, and your 100% there to catch it. Floundering through life, never really showing up, is a sure-fire way to stay trapped in the doldrums of an unfulfilling life. Making a half-assed attempt at really living, returns half-assed results.
You have a unique gift and genius that not one of the other 6 billion people on the planet have. You are here to contribute that gift, and in doing so, you get unimaginable returns.
Make a deal with yourself to show up more…
Show up with your tools - begin using your gifts at least a small amount each day. It’s incredibly empowering.
Show up with your energy - put 100% of your effort in everything you do for one day and see what kind of results you get.
Show up with your words - try using only positive words for one day and complement others.
Show up with your blinders on - for one day, let the dumb mistakes of others go unseen.
Show up with your pallet - eat only good food, anything you want for one day, registered dieticians and killjoys be damned.
Show up with a gift - give a small token gift to someone you know for no reason.
Sure, these might be hokey, but so what? If it’s not your style, show up some other way. Just stop letting the invitation go unanswered while complaining that you never get invited anywhere. Show up today, in your own way, and join the party of life.
How will you show up today…?


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