Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Here is a list of interview questions specific to UMC:

Questions were obtained from Studentdoctor.net . These were actual questions asked to 32 students during their interviews at UMMC. The numbers located at the end of some questions denotes the number of people who were asked this question. Yellow questions are things I was asked in my interviews.

1. You're a used car salesman. Sell yourself. x2
2. What ethical decision would be the hardest for you to make both in the medical profession and your personal life?
3. What is the difference between a good doctor and a bad doctor? (I was asked this 3 times!)
4. Who was the most influential person in your life?
5. What's the worst part about being a patient? x3
6. Who would be the first person you would call if you had a really bad day in medical school?
7. One of your fellow M-4s is high; how do you respond? [If your fellow student was high going into clinicals, what would you do? (**Hint always let the faculty know)] x3
8. What are weaknesses? (You have to be honest, but in a way that doesn't reflect too negative on yourself.)
9. Why UMC?
10. What is one positive/negative about your undergrad institution? x6
11. What has been your most important leadership role? [tell me the most important leadership role you have played in your life (not necessarily a leadership position with a title)] [How have you demonstrated leadership outside of an elected position or organization?] x3
12. How has racial/ethnical backgrounds influenced your pursuit/perception of medicine. (Tough question for a Caucasian.)
13. Why do you want to be a doctor? x4
14. If your mom wanted a friend's patient record information how would you handle the situation?
15. How much clinical experience do you have?
16. What caused your grades to go down during X semester?
17. Who has stood out in your mind as a good leader and why?
18. Describe your relationship with your father in one word.
19. What role has diversity played in your life?
20. Who do you admire?
21. Do you like to travel?
22. If I were a nervous first time patient of yours, how would you handle our first meeting?
23. What do you think are the 3 most important qualities in a physician?
24. What does your college record reflect about you?
25. What do you think is the most important issue facing physicians in Mississippi?
26. What would you say to a person who says: "I would like to know my father's condition, please tell me before you tell him. I don't think he can handle any bad news"?
27. What is the most recent book you read? (I hadn't read any in while and the interviewer asked me to give a synopsis of the most recent one!)
28. What is your ACT score/MCAT score? [What was your ACT score?] [What was your GPA? Your MCAT? Would you like to offer any comments on either?] x4
29. What would your enemy say about you? [What would your best friend/enemy say about you?] x5
30. What do you want me to tell the admissions committee about you.?[Tell me about yourself.] x3
31. What problems do you see in the medical field?
32. Which would you rather be-the ball or the glove? [If you could be the ball or the bat, which one and why?] x2
33. Give me a pro and a con about being a physician.
34. How would you deal with a patient who won't listen to you?
35. Why medicine?
36. Why didn't I take the MCAT in Aug. to improve my April score?
37. How did you study for the MCAT? (Both interviewers asked this) x3
38. What type of doctor would you like to become?
39. What do you like about clinical medicine as opposed to research?
40. What was the most difficult experience of your life?
41. What would you change if you could change anything? (Open topic)
42. What would you ask if you were the interviewer? [If you were interviewing a medical student, what would you ask them and why?] x2
43. If a man found out he was HIV positive and said he wasn't going to tell his wife, what would you do?
44. Is there anything you would like to add?
45. What is your favorite volunteer experience?
46. What is your favorite class and why?
47. What is a difficult situation that you have encountered, and how did you handle it?
48. What major issues do you feel face medical students today?
49. If there were only 1 spot left, and you and another personal with identical credentials were competing for the spot, What would you want me to say to advocate you?
50. If you could invite any five people to dinner, who and why? [If you could have a dinner party and invite any 6 people, living or dead, who would you invite? (Both interviewers asked this!)] x2
51. Tell me about your family.
52. What are your hobbies? [What do you do for fun?] x2
53. Describe your volunteer experiences.
54. How have you interacted with people of other backgrounds/races in the past?
55. How have your community service experiences impacted your personal development?
56. Why did you go to University of Mississippi (my undergrad) when you probably had offers to go to more prestigious schools?
57. Your teaching and research experiences seem to qualify you to pursue academic medicine. Why are you more interested in clinical medicine?
58. Tell me about your life from childhood to now.
59. Tell me everything you have done since waking up this morning. X3
60. What were my weaknesses in college -- do you want to explain weak points on your transcript?
61. Why do you want to be a physician over another career choice? (I'm currently out of school and working).
62. What personality characteristics make you suited to be a physician?
63. Name one positive and one negative trait about you that would help and hurt you in the medical field.
64. Give me some interesting facts about you pre high-school years.
65. What made you decide to choose the undergraduate university that you did? x2
66. Where will you be in 15 years? x3
67. What good qualities have you seen in doctors, and what bad qualities have you seen? [What's the difference between a good and a bad doctor? Tell me about these experiences.] x2
68. Where do you see medicine going?

Student doctor network (www.studentdoctor.net) is an excellent site. Check it out and remember to add your interview questions to the site to help out next year’s entering class!

Communication with the school since acceptance email.

I just wanted to let you know what has happened from the time that I got the acceptance email until now.

Within a week of the email, I received a packet that included an official letter of acceptance. I also had to sign and return a paper with a $50 fidelity fee to hold my space in the class (the fee is applied towards your tuition). I had to indicate my white coat size for the ceremony during orientation week. I had to sign a page about technical standards. I received a confirmation email to tell me that they got my money and forms.

In April, I attended a luncheon at USM with the other accepted students and Dr. Case. We were able to ask questions. It was nice. They also have a luncheon in Jackson for all students who don't have a lunch on their campus.

In May, I received a financial aid award letter and was asked to pick a lender. (TIP: After you pick your lender, call and ask them to sign their master promissary note.)

I also received an email about health forms which required a physical and tb test and immunization history (which had to be done after May 1). The forms were due back by July 1.

In June, I got info about the new laptop policy. I was also asked to mail in my financial info to qualify for loans/scholarships for disadvantaged students (SDS).

In early July, I got a package detailing the student health care plan. I had to mail in the first months premium (~$150). I also signed more financial aid papers dealing with SDS. I also got an email detailing the Jackson Free Clinic's orientation. (Unfortunately, I couldn't go.)

In late July, I have been invited to several get togethers held by current students in the class.

Class starts on August 8, and I haven't gotten any information about where to go or what happens next....