Friday, April 07, 2006

Cooke - Motivation

What motivates you? How and why? (1500 characters or 300 words)

"Character counts," Pojman wrote, and "habits harness us to predictable behavior. Once we obtain the kind of character necessary for the moral life, once we become virtuous, we will not be able to turn morality on and off like a faucet." Character then becomes the foundational core of a person's being and the basis for who they are. It becomes the guiding principal behind almost every decision a person makes, and the motivation for the actions they take. Right and wrong, the fundamental core values of character, are my major motivators. These core values impact virtually everything I desire, think, say and do. I have the desire to do what is right for others, the world, and myself. I am constantly striving to better myself, and I pride myself on having a strong character upon which I base my decisions. I was once asked, "Would you rather do something right or do the right thing?" I responded that I would rather do the right thing because I understand that everyone has a different opinion of what is right and wrong for their own lives. I can comply with someone else’s wishes, even if I do not think they are right, as long as it does not go against my character. My independent transcendentalist nature provides clarity of purpose and motivates me to be true to my character rather than doing something just because someone else thinks it is right for me.


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