Friday, April 07, 2006

How I reacted when I found out I was accepted...

I know the admissions committee met every Wednesday, and they would send out acceptances via email on the same days that they would meet. I interviewed in early December, and I was told that my name would probably not come up until mid-January becuase they had many other students to review before me. I checked my email every Wednesday night just in case the acceptance came early. Finally on Wednesday, January 4th, I was too tired to drive to check my email after staying out late. (I didn't have a computer at the time becuase I was living in a FEMA trailer and couldn't get internet). I convinced myself that I didn't get an email because it was too soon, and I didn't want to drive to school or my mom's house to get on the internet. The next day, my boyfriend checked my email during his lunch break. He called to tell me the news, and I almost felt like he was joking with me. I cried. Told him I had to get off the phone so I could call everyone else. I called both of my parents (told each of them that I couldn't talk because I needed to call everyone else). Then I called and left a message for my step dad at his work and my brother at his work. Then all of my other relatives and friends in order of my cell phone listings. Then, I drove to my mom's house to read the email for myself. (Somewhere deep inside, I still felt like he may have misread the email!) My entire family including some of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandma celebrated at a local catfish house, Catfish Charlies in Gulfport, Mississippi. We had a great time.


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