Friday, April 07, 2006

Cooke - Why the University of Mississippi

Explain why you have chosen this particular school for your graduate program. (1500 characters or 300 words)

As a child I never knew the area where I resided was medically underserved. We did not have medical or health insurance, and I knew a visit to the doctor was another expense we could not afford. When you were ill, you stayed home with some medicine from the drug store. A lifelong resident of Mississippi I have seen and experienced the health burdens plaguing the residents of our state. With a family history going back five generations of farmers in the northern delta region, I have seen the shortfalls in medical care surrounding my family in the poorest regions of our state. I choose the University of Mississippi Medical Center, over any other medical school, because they better understand the unique health problems of our state. As a direct result of the knowledge of the way Mississippians live they strive to raise the bar of health care of Mississippi’s population and all mankind.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center prides itself in taking care of Mississippi residents and in producing medical professionals to effectively change the growing burdens and major problems of health care in Mississippi. Within this framework, the Medical Center’s principal purpose is to accomplish the goal of health professional education for Mississippi by enrolling students of exceptional promise and talent and providing quality treatment for all patients using the disciplines and specialties of modern health care.


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